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NOTE:  MAR 1 through OCT 14, all orders are NEXT-DAY Delivery... on OCT 15, SAME-DAY Delivery will resume.


Just select the size stack you want below and choose your delivery date when checking out.  It really is that easy.

We are a DELIVERY-ONLY Firewood Supplier.

Why Did We Decide To Get Into This Business?

This is a lengthy explanation, but thoroughly describes the motivation behind this business.

We decided to open this firewood delivery business after experiencing multiple problems when trying to purchase firewood for our own personal use during the prior few years. Either the firewood guy would not deliver when they said they would, if ever... or they would end up delivering less than what they were supposed to... or they would deliver fresh-cut "green wood" that had not been seasoned/dried (while claiming it had been) which would practically take a blow-torch to get the fire started.  Not all firewood sellers were like that, but a vast majority were unreliable.  

It was an aggravating process just trying to get firewood delivered each time.  

So, we decided to apply what has worked for us in our other long-time local business, Shirtzz.com T-Shirt Shop,  to the firewood delivery business. That means DELIVERING FAST AND WHEN PROMISED... Providing Quality SEASONED Products in the EXACT size ordered... and Offering Great Customer-Service... all while bringing the process of having firewood delivered into the current modern age of easy online ordering and fast delivery.

Whether you buy firewood from us or from someone else, it would be my recommendation... based on many years of both good and bad experiences purchasing firewood as a consumer... to order from a named and/or known company or firewood dealer, LIKE US... someone you can consistently get ahold of again if needed and not just disappear on you... and someone you can trust to deliver what they say when they say. 

And, once you find someone who does and delivers what they say, I would be loyal to them as a customer for as long as I was able, and make that business relationship LESS about trying to pay the lowest price and MORE about the TRUST and DEPENDABILITY of the firewood seller as well as RECOGNIZING THE VALUE in their HARD WORK to reliably provide your firewood to you.

(FYI: One reliable and trustworthy firewood seller we have encountered in years past is Anthony H. He is a "straight-shooter" and rare in this business and we are just giving credit where it is due.)


We are a Firewood DELIVERY company, and we DELIVER 99% of the time.  Please see the map image showing our Delivery Service Area.

ABOUT INCLEMENT WEATHER:  We do our absolute best to deliver during inclement weather conditions.  We constantly monitor weather and road conditions as well as the number of orders received and will update the delivery dates allowed/shown during online checkout accordingly to insure we can deliver your firewood efficiently and safely.  

(During the 2022/2023 winter season, we were able to deliver 100% of orders non-stop even when temps were below zero, almost zero traffic on the roads besides us, and when the ice did not melt off our delivery trailers for days. And, so far during the 2023/2024 winter season, we have been able to complete delivery of 100% of orders on the delivery date requested... although there were a couple of extremely busy days that we started at 7am and finished our last stack deliveries at 1030pm and bundle delivery dropoffs at almost midnight.)

Pickups are NOT available at our office location.

OFFICE Location

2904 Trimmier Rd, Ste C-6c, Killeen, TX 76542

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